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Problem: Let’s suppose that you have a dinosaur zoo. In your zoo, you have two T-Rexes, three Unaysaurus, and five Spinosaurus

# 1. Create variables for the number of each dino you have called `my_trexes`, `my_unas`, and `my_spinos`.
my_trexes = 2
my_unas = 3
my_spinos = 5

# 2. Now use those variables to calculate how many total dinosaurs you have.
my_trexes + my_unas + my_spinos
# 3. Oh no! One of your t-rexes got out and ate an Unaysaurus. Decrease the value of `my_unas` by one.

my_unas = my_unas - 1

# 4. Double oh no! Your T-Rexes were male and female, and they just had a baby! Increase you number T-Rexes by one!

my_trexes = my_trexes + 1

# 5. Sadly, one of your Spinosauruses died of old age. :( Decreases your count of Spinosauruses by one.

my_spinos = my_spinos - 1

# 6. How many dinos do you have now? You've probably lost count of all these changes, but thankfully they're all stored in variables, so you can just add them all up!

my_trexes + my_unas + my_spinos
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